Healthy Pastors / Healthy Churches

What would it look like if hundreds of pastors in Greater Austin supported one another?

What would happen to our “little town” if groups of churches committed to working together to share the explicit Gospel while loving their neighbors and serving them?

Simply put: Our first and most basic strategy for reaching the lost focuses on uniting pastors in a geographic region to mobilize their congregations to reach every man, woman, and child in their circle of influence.

We have two groups through which this approach is tangible: Pastors in Covenant and Circles of Accountability.

Pastors shaking hands

Pastors in Covenant

We love pastors. Our board consists entirely of pastors. So we know the job, the calling, the joy, the 3am calls, and the loneliness of leadership.

For any church to reach it’s full Spirit-led potential, it needs a healthy pastor. There are many ways to be healthy. One thing we have found that helps us be our best is to join a group of pastors in covenant.

CTGA will help place you in an appropriate group for the purpose of soul care, encouragement, and befriending your fellow pastors who are facing similar challenges as you. It’s a monthly meeting that refreshes rather than puts more on your plate.

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Circles of Accountability

Circles of Accountability aim at united churches in geographic unity that “owns the lostness” of their specific zip code or five-mile radius to ensure that every man, woman, & child has repeated opportunities to hear, see, and feel the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  While we can easily point to the many differences that separate churches, if we join Jesus in his John 17 call for unity so that the world would believe in Him, then we have a mission that is the senior leader in the room!

This differs from Pastors in Covenant  (PIC) groups in that its primary purpose is to execute on strategy that leads to gospel saturation of a defined geographic area.  PIC groups focus on spiritual health and soul care.  BOTH are needed.  What we have discovered after years of experience is that COA’s are a natural outgrowth of PIC groups.

Most pastors can agree that everything is predicated on spiritual, relational, and professional trust.  Once trust is established through relationships, the natural next step is to partner together in accomplishing the Great Commission.

When pastors meet to ask questions about their geography and demography to understand how to unify around the Great Commission, communities are better served, young churches grow, and new churches can get planted. A recent example is the Lakeway area which began pulling together in 2019. Then March 2020 changed everyone’s plans. Lakeway churches were ready to use their newfound cooperation to launch Lakeway One as a digital hub to serve the community as the crisis unfolded. In Buffalo, New York, 14 churches united across denominational lines to resource the planting of several churches. Every geography is unique. Therefore, the solutions are best driven by those who live and serve there.

Latino Leadership

Latino Leadership Initiative

Austin’s Hispanic population continues to grow. According to the 2010 U.S. Census 35 percent of our residents were Hispanic and nearly 25 percent spoke Spanish. These numbers are only increasing, therefore CTGA wanted to invest something into this community, specifically, the Spanish-only speaking church.

Latino pastors tend to have training in theology and Biblical studies, but little training in leadership, mentoring and coaching. For this reason, their churches are hampered in their ability to reach their full potential. 

The Latino Pastor Leadership model includes developing and deploying well equipped Spanish-speaking pastors through programs of leadership training, spiritual development and individual coaching over a three-year period beginning in 2018. They will gain access to John Maxwell leadership programming, marriage retreats, monthly group meetings and one-on-one weekly coaching.

Known to participants as Health Pastors Grow (Pastores Sanos Crecen), the initiative has more information on a deicated website

The initiative has been fully-funded by a generous grant.