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Welcome to the 2020 Campaign!

If you haven’t officially registered your church yet, please click here. Let our community of churches know about your commitment to this amazing opportunity to saturate Greater Austin with the Gospel.

For our registered churches and individuals who just want to be prepared to engage the campaign, please visit this page regularly as we post additional resources, event announcements and other updates.

What's After Life Booklets

To order the What's After Life? booklets, please use the link below to get a 50% discount from Baker Publishing on orders of 20 or more if placed in November, December, and January. The booklet is an 80-page summary of the science plus the Gospel of the full length Imagine Heaven book.

Pastor Sermon Resources

Imagine Heaven - Sermon Summaries

What's After ATX - Evidence for the Afterlife

What's After ATX - Relationships in Heaven

What's After ATX - Rewards that Last

What's After ATX - The Highlight of Heaven

What's After ATX - The Most Beautiful Place

What's After ATX - What About Hell?

General Resources

What is the “What’s After ATX” campaign all about?

Need to understand the campaign in relation to the 2019-2020 calendar?

Read a few of the reasons why we chose near death experiences and heaven as our theme this year.

Wondering how to get your church organized and informed to engage the campaign? This short summary contains some time-honored steps.

Click here for more frequently asked questions.

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Save the Date :: Training Event

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  • Watch our 2-minute campaign trailer here.
  • Missed our briefings? Watch the April 1 event here.
  • Watch John Burke's original introductory sermon on NDE's here.
  • More video content coming soon…